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Mar 14, 2017

Episode 125 is live! This week, we talk with L’Oreal Thompson Payton in Chicago, IL.

A masterful storyteller with a passion for empowering young women, L’Oreal is the Media Relations Manager for Girl Scouts of Greater Chicago and Northwest Indiana. Prior to joining Girl Scouts, L’Oreal was a professional journalist for seven years, most recently as the Digital Content Editor for JET magazine. She's also a writer and blogger for a number of publications, including EBONY, JET, HelloGiggles, and Brit + Co.

On today's episode, L'Oreal shares her own inspiring career trajectory, and what happened when she let go of her five year plan. She also shares differences between the corporate and for profit worlds, and everything you need to know about the Girl Scouts and Girl Scout cookie time.

Listen and learn more! You can play the podcast here, or download it on iTunes or Stitcher.

To learn more about L'Oreal, follow her on Facebook ( and Twitter (@LTintheCity).

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