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Mar 6, 2018

Episode 160 is live! This week, we talk with Dr. Karlyn Borysenko in New Hampshire.

Karlyn is the Principle at Zen Workplace. She is an organizational psychologist and performance coach. Karlyn helps individuals find greater happiness and fulfillment in their professional lives, and works with organizations to help create amazing environments for their teams that drive productivity. She will also be speaking this year at SXSW at a session called “Zen Your Work: Creating an Ideal Work Experience.”

On today's episode, Karlyn shares:

  • What elements play into an ideal work experience
  • How to start designing our ideal work experience
  • How to identify whether or not you're working in a toxic work environment
  • How to deal with a boss who is a narcissist
  • What to do if others find you intimidating

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To learn more about Karlyn, visit her website at You can also learn more about her talk at SXSW by visiting

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